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We've been having grand adventures as well as misery.

A week ago Thursday I went to see The Grand Duke with some friends. It was a grand time. The only thing I didn't enjoy was not leaving enough time between dinner and the show. The first act, though enjoyable, did not get my full attention. After potty break intermission, I enjoyed myself immensely. It was so damn funny.

The boys had their first overnight at a friends' house Sunday while moriven and I went to Mayhem Festival* with Cathyn and Steingrim. This was awesome.** Hearing that Ursus Major had sweat through his clothes in the night was less than awesome. He had no further symptoms, so we proceeded with our week.

My brother-in-law's family was in town, so we finally nailed them down for a time to visit on Monday via text while we were at the concert. It was a nice mellow afternoon. Shortly after the family left, probably around 5:30, both of our boys put themselves to bed. Ursus Minor woke up every 45 minutes or so sobbing and would only be soothed by me. Poor cub. I failed to call folks to say I wasn't going to make it to sewing as expected, though, because I suck sometimes. I had the thought, but it slipped away before it became action.

Tuesday, the boys were just fine. Of course. I was feeling a touch off, but with moriven home for the week I got to sleep in a bit. We had a great dinner with my inlaws at my FiL's house. It was a great mellow evening. The kids had a great time with their cousins.

Wednesday, moriven took my truck in to have my tranny backflushed. I understand the mechanic did it twice. Heh. I just had to say that. The truck is running much smoother now.

Thursday we spent the afternoon in rachaelfleury's pool. (There was other stuff going on, too, I hear. :-) )  It was seriously awesome. The boys had never been swimming in a pool before and they LOVED it. I think I was in the pool for four hours with them, aside from a snack break. Ursus Major paddled all over the pool in his floaty. It was amazing. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed swimming, too. I was a grand time.

Friday, we took the boys for an overnight at my FiL's house. I was feeling a bit of congestion, so I didn't get as much done as I had hoped through the afternoon. We got the call at ~8:30  that Ursus Major had a 101+ fever and wanted to come home. We asked them to keep the boys up and dutifully made the drive back to Berkeley. When we got there, we found that Ursus Minor had put himself to bed. (Wow! He doesn't do that at home.) We took him home anyway so we wouldn't have to make another trip back again today.

This morning, Ursus Major is just fine. No fever, no pain. What is going on with him? I, on the other hand, have sinus pressure so bad it's making my teeth hurt. But just on the right side. I was really hoping to get lots done this weekend, but am just not feeling well enough to get to it. It's so frustrating.

* When I got my credit card bill I had a huge charge for Rockstar Energy Drink and I was pissed because I thought someone had stolen my CC info. (and bought $$$ of Rockstar? WTF?) Then I remembered that they were the concert sponsor. Word to the wise, ticket sellers: the credit statement should say concert tickets.
** Man, there were a lot of smokers in the arena, though. They looked shocked when I told them to put it out. Do they think nonsmokers  suddenly become smokers in the presence of nasty dank?


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