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That about sums my day up. 

Nothing was my fault, but everything was my problem. Other people were full of fail.

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Let me count the ways.

I had dental work done yesterday. The new dentist is much better than the old one, but her office staff is really freakin' incompetent. Nice, but incompetent. Like "Oh, your appointment was at 3:00." "No, my appointment is at 3:30, like it says on my little card. See?" and "Oh, the quotes I gave you for today's procedure were wrong. That's the coverage for base metal, not porcelain." Still, they greet me by name and remember who I am.

Today, IT "support" uninstalled Office 2007 from my work computer, which would have been a good thing, except they failed to reinstall Office 2003. This leaves me with no MS office software at all. Of course, email and calls were ignored all afternoon. This from the same stellar person who closed the last fixit ticket about this because it had been in their queue too long.

Saturday, I'm on call for work and I have a GYN appointment. 

I sure know how to have a good time.

Ramblo VI

Feb. 21st, 2008 02:22 pm
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Why is it that Arkansas has the best  city names? I've liked Bald Knob for a while. BearDen is also a favorite for obvious reasons. But now I've found Smackover. I love it.

Pardon me, I'm being "productve" while home sick (blankety-blank air travel), or as Randal said, I have the sneezles.

No Court of Love for me this weekend. *shakes tiny fist*

I did do a faboo paper-wrapped salmon last night for dinner. I hadn't done the paper-wrap thing before and I was just making it up as I went along, so go me.

My one piece of good news this week is that Banky is no longer here! Buh-bye, Bozo.
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Get an f*ing grip, people. Just get an f*ing grip. It's Christmas. It's a national holiday and people can cope.

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A pop headology magazine that we have been receiving mysteriously (er, the why of the receiving is mysterious; neither one of us signed up for a subscription. We've been getting them in the mail, which isn't mysterious at all.)  had an article about introversion a few months ago that I thought was very interesting. In essence, they hypothesized (well, theorized, since the writers use the research of others) that introverts are exhausted by extensive contact with others because they do more behavioral analysis throughout the contact. Constantly analyzing the nuances of communication is draining just like any other concentrated thought process: short bursts, no problem; over a greater period, a bit of a strain. 

It's an interesting theory. I'd like to hear more about the research. At the least, it's refreshing to hear about psycological research that doesn't make it sound like we introverts are antisocial freaks. 

Since I haven't posted anything of substance recently, here's a random sampling of my week:
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I walked into my office today and got stung on the hand by a wasp that had caught a ride in my hair. Wow that hurt.

The security guy in our building called the EMT that my company has on staff. (Hooray for the company deciding to have a 90 second emergency response). He was very nice and gave me ice packs. He interviewed me for a while so we could see whether I was allergic, since I've never been stung by a wasp before. It turns out I'm not.

The only fun part was his look of awe when he took my pulse and BP.  Pulse: 68   BP:116/78

I now return myself to my regularly scheduled work day.

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I've had no posts of note, since I haven't done much this week. Mostly I've been working at home, which means that I'm at the kitchen table with my work and personal laptops up and running. Not commuting was my way of sparing the air. Really (I have this bridge I could sell, you, too). Today I'm in the office to take advantage of the free AC.

So, my accomplishments this week:
- sent email for work
- updated the budget
- attended three conference calls
- caught up with email to family (so, now I have two cousins in Iraq)
- washed the dusty wine glasses on our rack (inspired by putting the clean champagne flutes away after the strawberry wobblers)
- cut out new dresses for the neices
- fixed Opa, Bunny, and Bjorn. Gave Bjorn extra stuffing
- loved on the kitty who has adopted me. Poor hot kitty
- gave hat suggestions to A, who emailed me with questions about what to wear with her 12th night dress
- embroidered a bit on the trim of all trimliness

Let's just say I've spent a lot of the rest of my time websurfing. 

Tomorrow I'm home again. This time it's to watch over the handyman while he fixes the problems the old one left. If he shows up.  This guy we've had in before. The landlord likes him. He does a good job, when he shows up.

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Today, the fellow with the cube behind mine has brought in something which ribbits. Not often enough to be annoying, fortunately, but it's really surreal to have a frog croaking next door.

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I'm editing a guidebook about IT responsibilities in M&A.  (Zzzzzz....) I knew I was in trouble when I asked my boss whether there was a technical writer involved and he said "you're it!"

Aside from one of the writers not knowing that we're writing in English, so we don't need to capitalize every single noun, I have grabbed a couple of interesting errors. Today's favorite:

(blah, blah, blah, etc...)

Um, "etc..."? I'm pretty sure the elipsis has no place in business writing and certainly does not need to be combined with et cetera. *sigh*
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Just got this note from Facilities.

The note )

I think this means I should turn off my computer. Really, its for the greater good ;-)

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I had hoped to get out of here after my 2:00 meeting, but got invited ot another one at 3:00. When I got back from a lovely lunch with [profile] misagillian, I found out that the 3:00 meeting had been rescheduled to 4:00. Le sigh. This, like 8 am, may be part of the work day, but it is not a good time to schedule a meeting.
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Between putting in 20 hours of work on the Tempus M-W, Babysitting the Noah on Thursday, the fire on Friday, and Investiture on Sat, I didn't get to bed before midnight for a week. I am certainly feeling the lack of sleep now.

I hope I don't get all-out sick, but I started losing my voice last night and have a sore throat today. I'll see how well I last at work. My boss will be on vacation next week, so I'd like to make sure we're on the same page before he goes.


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