Feb. 17th, 2009 05:17 pm
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I saw a guy with an umbrella walk past another guy in a parking lot today. He said, "I'd share with you, but I don't feel manly enough."
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I got this lovely bon mot from my financial advisor today:

"A slowdown is when your neighbor is out of work;
A recession is when you're out of work;
A depression is when you and your husband are out of work.
It's a good thing it's only a recession!"

Yep, thanks :S
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I've been reading Traditional Oil Painting by Virgil Elliott. In it he says something that I think is valuable to artists of all kinds.

"Another harmful influence is the social convention that compels us to feign humility, to pretend we are less than we are, in order to be liked. The danger in such self-deprecation is that it becomes all too easy to fall into the trap of believing it. This may well be a contributing cause of the 'I could never do that' attitude. It is destructive, from an artist's standpoint, because it denies reality. Arbitrary notions of one's personal limitations are rarely realistic. How desirable a quality is humility if it inhibits one from wholeheartedly pursuing worthy achievements, greatness, excellence? It must be recognized as potentially detrimental to an artist. Confidence is necessary to proceed in any worthwhile endeavor."

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This came up in conversation and pretty much sums up my day.

"I worked from home today because there are more bears and less poop."
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This is the kind of fortnight that makes otherwise rational people start believing in astrology, because the stars are clearly aligned against me. 

I ask again, dear universe: what the fuzz?

My car wouldn't start as I was leaving work for an appointment. I got a jump from AAA. I drove to my appointment, which was kindly held for me. When I got out of there the truck would not start for love nor jumpercables. Two tow truck guys tried to start it, because it was making just enough noise to be tantalizing, but to no avail. She's gone to the shop overnight.

[profile] moriven picked me up and talked car with the tow truck guy. When he went to start his car as we were leaving the shop, it didn't. He's been having this problem a lot. So now we have the unreliable car on the road and the reliable vehicle in the shop.

At least I have my laptop and can log in from home tomorrow. 

"I don't know what's up with people around here. They need Jesus."


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