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Seeing the kitty trying to drink out of half-full vases was incredibly cute. There's nothing like that irritated look on a cat's face, while she's clearly thinking Why haven't you filled this water bowl properly? Or this one? Or this one? 

moriven is happy that many of our camping vases have gone with the bouquets, since he disagrees that "camping" is an acceptable modifier for vases. I don't see the problem. <g>
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 I guess these aren't highlights.

I spent about seven hours on my feet Friday putting the flowers together. I was really tired by the end of the day. morivensays we should get rubber mats around the workbench. I agree. The kitty helped, so I knew the project was blessed. Many thanks to the folks who donated to the flower fund.
Many other people brought flowers, which made me very happy. Set up went smoothly, with many people pitching in. I felt a little strange that the Canon wouldn't let us have more than a couple of bouquets at the altar. We made up for it by displaying the floral bounty in the parish hall. 

The bears came with us. Bjorn wore his tail coat and had hankies for the ladies. He's quite a ladies' bear.

The service was very nice. The eulogy was heartfelt and beautiful. When [personal profile] klwilliams said  that the respose to Teresa's death was "damn" I had to laugh. The first few calls I made to start the phone tree I got two "shit"s and one "fuck". So, yeah, damn. The choir was simply breathtaking. The rest of the ceremony was pretty standard: a very nice homily about Teresa of Avila, readings of the gospels, and eating God. There was a time for sharing memories. I was sorry to see that more people didn't do it. I did, but as most of you know, I'm okay with public speaking. I hope that people will share more at the wake in two weeks.

After the service, we moved into the parish hall. The Company of St. Teresa put out a fantastic board. There was an amazing array of Teresa's work, along with photos and Teresa's laurel cloak. I got to meet more of Teresa's family. Sadly, it was not the circumstances I would have like to meet them in. I was surprised by the number of people who thanked me for going up to speak.

Things started wrapping up around 6, and I locked up about 6:30. Again, folks were really great in getting everything cleaned up. Thanks, guys. At the end, Teresa's mom said that it was as nice as could be. 
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Please link to this or cross-post in your journals.

I have spoken to [personal profile] klwilliams and I will be taking care of arranging flowers and decorations at [profile] maestrateresa's funeral. 

If you are local and coming to the funeral, please feel free to bring a bouquet (in a vase). I would love to see the church overflowing with flowers and I know I can't do that on my own.

If you will not be able to attend, please contact me and we will work something out. Depending on what you are comfortable with, I see a couple of options.
1) You can send flowers to my house on Friday, and I will bring them to the church on Saturday. (heh. nothing more than 4 feet tall, please.)
2) You can send me money and I will use that to make more/bigger arrangements.

If you are interested in contributing in this way, please contact me at johannaludwiga (at) yahoo dot com.

I will be doing primarily white flowers with tiny paper umbrellas. 

Link to the post about when and where the funeral is happening:


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