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The war was dusty, windy, dry, and cold at night. We also had laughter, alcohol, green grass, shopping, and flipples, so it was a good war.

Despite my shopping prizes, I have failed in my one shopping goal for the year: I did not buy any period shoes. I can't believe I haven't run into a period shoe merchant all year. Does anyone have any online suggestions? Folks you would or wouldn't buy from?


Dec. 24th, 2007 03:24 pm
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So, to balance the yuckness of the leaky sewage pipe in our basement, I have had a beautiful time shopping the past couple of days. For anyone in the southbay, I recommend Valco (now Cupertino Square) on Wolfe. It's off 280 in, you guessed it, Cupertino. I was there Sat - yes, the Saturday before Christmas - and had personal service at Sears and only two people in line in front of me at Macy's. 

Of course, the karma elephant also brought me no line at my local Safeway yesterday. Thank you, karma elephant!
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Poppy Fabrics will be open through September and then gone. I think a field trip is called for.

Anyone want to go to Poppy to snag some deals before they close?  Would tomorrow work for folks, or would the 18th be better? I'm hoping to get in a trip to Lacis, too, maybe Stoned Mountain if Lacis doesn't have the twill tape I need.

I'm really sad Poppy is going. Without

[profile] semy_of_pearls' and my influence, I'm not nearly as happy with Stoned Mountain's selection.

Just because I like to make certain of my facts, here's a link to the ad/notification on SFGate:


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Score one for me.

I went to Macy's at lunch today. I got a new pair of black jeans to replace the ones I lost in the fire. Off the clearance rack they were $8.
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I went to Thai Silks at lunch to see whether they had the taffeta they were out of last time and to see whether they had the dupioni that [profile] shutt3rg33k needs.

I won on the taffeta, and found another that might do as well, but they have changed their lavender dupioni to a new, bluer shade. Boo. They do have the perfect shade in charmeuse, but with the rest of the accents in dupioni that just won't do. We will have to sneak some from her skirt to make our fix. It means that the fabric will be an exact match, but we'll have to muck with the underskirt, which wasn't in the plan. Oh well.

The real winner was finding undyed silk herringbone marked half off. Yes, I got all of it. I'm thinking that since we're getting a new washer on Saturday, a couple of dye jobs in the old one won't hurt. We aren't using it for laundry since we don't have a dryer. Lemons ==> lemonade.
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I have decided to buy a laptop to make my contracting work a little easier. It will be a couple of months before I have saved up the cash to buy it, but [profile] moriven is already looking for builds and deals for me. In many ways, he is a deal hunter like I am, but his focus is on things that it never occurs to me to follow the prices on: cars and electronics.

So far, we have been able to cut out an astounding number of machines just because I refuse to run Vista.


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