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Moriven called our landlord to catch up on some maintainencey things and hurrah! He's going to do good things. Quite possibly, this is because we're in the only one in our row of townhouses that has not been remodeled recently.

Top of my list of happy-making is that we're getting a new stove! THis is fantastic, as we are down to one knob ane the coils don't heat evenly. In my dream world, we'd switch to gas, but I'll take new. New is good.

He'll fix the leak that was discovered when we put in the new W&D, so we can get that part of the garage straightened out.

And, he's going to have an exterminator look at our *very* infested fence.

Now, if we can only get him to replace the carpet (hope, hope, hope)...


May. 25th, 2007 10:19 am
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I have decided that I am finished arguing with my serger. It had a tune up a year ago and is back to its old thread-breaking tricks. To be fair, it is a decade old, but since much of that time has been spent waiting for it to be repaired, I can't say I've gotten a great deal of work out of it.

So, does you have any opinions about sergers you've used, good or bad, that they would share with me? 

Things I'm looking for:
- easy to thread (I don't have to be able to thread it with my eyes closed, but also I don't want a machine that I have to be double-jointed to thread, either)
- can switch from 3 to 4 threads and 1 to 2 needles easily (my current machine requires that I find a tiny hex screwdriver to change the needle)
- can do a rolled hem
- reliable and sturdy
- holds tension 

Strangely, Consumer Reports does not have a serger review.
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The weekend was very productive. We got a lot of projects done and did some heavy duty cleaning, including emptying the fridge and scrubbing everything down.

We did the first major grocery run since the feast in Feb. Wow! We were even out of staples like flour.

My dye-dye-dye project yielded mixed results. The golden silk was lovely. The blue linen re-dye was okay, but didn't filll in the blotchiness of the first dye job (many years ago). I many have to do a lot of piecing if I want to use it :( A beige linen that I did with the blue batch 1) is not real linen and 2) turned out a serviceable gray. The yummy silk herringbone and a wool coating that I tried to dye Fire Red turned out hot pink. Grrr.  I tried overdying with chocolate brown to no effect. Sigh. I'll have to fix my dye vat now so that I can redye.

The new washer and drier came and they are faboolus! So quiet! Our clothes are so much cleaner! And, yes, I admit, moriven and I did watch the first wash cycle the whole way through. <3

I did get some sewing done, wich hopefully will result in garments tonight. I did decide to whip together some child-size tunics for the Esfenn silent auction at June Crown out of some scrap linen. I love the tiny clothes.

Brian and Marguerite came over for dinner Sunday. We determined that Noah, in mastering the D sound, is not trying to say "Da da da," but rather "die, die, die". It was so cute seeing his daddy coaching him to say "die, die, die" LOL

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I got the call - the new W&D will be delivered tomorrow morning! Hooray! JIT to do two weeks worth of laundry. My weekend'll be barrels full of monkey fun.

Anyhoo, that means tonight is dye-dye-dye night, while I still have the old washer.

I did a load of Procyon Golden Yellow last night on some light pink silk Cin provided. The color is excellent - probably close to her wedding color - not too lemony. The fabric was definitely old & delicate - some tore. But considering it's old curtains, not too bad. I have it chilling in the downstairs fridge until we get the new dryer.

I washed up the silk herringbone I bought Wednesday. It is super soft now. I may cut it into two pieces because I can't decide what color to dye it. I have a blue load that I know I'm going to run, and I'm tempted by the chocolate brown and the bright red.

Also on the fun-list,

[profile] morivenis making a new shield, so we're making new camping boxes out of the excess wood. Cool stuff and I get to keep an eye on the washer while I'm at it!

Dye! Dye! Dye!


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We found our new dryer, and, while we were at it, bought the matching washer. They're units that I had looked at before (knowing that we would evenully need something new. Someday came a little sooner than expected.) Just from a usability standpoint, I like that the control panel has individual buttons to set the program. Most of the units that I saw required the user to press-press-press-press to set the wash and dry cycle. I disapprove of having to do the extra work -- and wearing out the control panel that much faster.

We got them from Home Despot, since they had the best price on the units I Iike. They'll be delivered next Saturday, which is fine since we have enough underwear to last until then. I think we'll be staying home on Saturday to wait for the delivery and to do a little TLC on the house. Maybe I'll even get some sewing done.

We bought one of the LG Tromm series
WM2496H )
washers (4 cubic feet of washing capacity - big enough to wash the comfoter and other big fabricky things!) and the matching dryer
DLE9577 )
(7.3 cu. ft.) in white.

LG is more expensive than most brands, but they're highly rated by Consumer Reports. We didn't get their most expensive models or accessories, but they weren't cheap. They are energy-star rated, which is nice. All front-loading washers are, though, since they're significantly more water and energy efficient. The other brand I liked from the CR ratings was GE. However GE's top-loading washers are better than their front-loaders.

The controls on the dryer that we bought can be moved from the top to the bottom so that the units are stackable and the controls still reachable. We saw a couple of models that were stackable, but the whole thing ended up being 7' tall, with the dryer contols at the top. That didn't work for me. [profile] morivenwas especially keen on this feature, because he was worried about the garage door hinge getting in the way of the front-loading door. Also, that frees up some floor space in the garage.

I'm hoping that we can build another heavy-duty shelving unit in the new space to hold all of our camping gear. This will put it all right by the big garage door and give us an opportunity to purge the stuff we don't use. (How many Colemans stoves and propane lanterns do we have? Many.) While we were at Lowe's checking prices on the dryers we saw that they have a really nice portable propane stove. It's 3 burners with a lidded detachable grill that covers two of the burners. I'll pick one up in a bit. I was too tired, sore, and hungry to go back to buy it today.


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