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Some see Jesus in toast or Abe Lincoln in a french fry.

I see a bear passant (to sinister!) in spilt tea!
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I just finished Clara's new dress.

I am a silly bear-mommy.
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This is what happens in my happy place:


(thanks, icanhazcheezburgr.)
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The BBC reports that some people are upset that Knut killed the fish that were in the pond in his enclosure. Are they kidding? That's what bears do! And I don't buy the "oh, but he didn't eat all of them" pathetic fish-hugger rant. Many creatures - not just humans - kill things without intending to eat all of them. What would scavengers eat if that weren't the case? I mean, roadkill has only been around as long as people have
built roads. I don't think crows and vultures evolved after the first carts were pulled through a muddy track.

Polar bears are carnivores. They are hunters, which means they kill things. Get a grip, people.

Polar bears come from the arctic. It is cold there. It snows a lot. Dead animals left out tend not to rot right away, kinda like putting them in the ice box. So, polar bears could, maybe, just maybe, kill a lot of stuff at once and expect it to be good eating for a while. It's not Knut's fault that he is in an inferior climate. 

Feh. Morons.
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Y'all know how I love my bears.  This picture makes me very happy. I love that baby Flocke has her own teddy bear. Those Nurnbergers are smart folks.

flocke and teddy
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I love these pics. They make me very happy. 


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