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Yesterday I was heading down the highway and saw a sign that read


I wasn't sure at the time that the road warranted a full three exclamation points, but once I got there it certainly seemed pretty exciting.
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E.E.Knight can't write for anything. It's a shame that he has created a really interesting world in his vampire Earth series. After each book I have to ask myself whether the world is interesting enough to justify reading the next one because the writing is so poor.

Steven Erikson can write. I have one complaint, though: he uses the word "turgid" too often.


Mar. 14th, 2009 05:31 pm
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Since I took the GRE in November, I've received all sorts of marketing materials from Universities with random graduate programs. This week I got my favorite one so far: Georgetown University's program for a Master of Professional Studies. Astonishingly, it's not a program for perpetual students, but rather a catch-all program for masters in HR, Marketing, and the like.
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Last night, moriven hummed a couple of lines of Immigrant Song (guess what's stuck in his head), and that was all it took to mesh with - no, not replace - Christmas in Killarney in my head. Now I have BOTH stuck in my head. You'd be surprised how well it works.

"We come from the land of ice and snow
To Christms in Killarney,
With all o' the folks from home..."

The headache is better, but not gone. Thanks for the kind wishes.
&*^%^ being affected by extreme changes in barometric pressure.
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See, there's this oil change place near my house. It changes hands and names every year to 18 months, mostly because the service sucks. It recently got a new sign and WOW! When they went for it, they went for it. Innuendo? Oh, no...

It's a public sign, but use some discretion at work... mostly so people don't come over to see why you're laughing )
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So, periodically, I have these questions that pop into my head. I'm sure they say something about the way I think.

Here's today's:
Why don't we see satanist graffiti that say "praise santa"? I mean, we know a sizable subset of the satanist subset which is inclined to graffiti can't spell Satan. Sure, I totally agree with the "praise satin" boys, too, but how cool would "praise santa" be?
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I was not ready for the war to end. That war could be a week and I would go every time. What's not to like about good weather, clean air, and good fun with new friends and old in a place of beauty? Now with showers!  

The drive there and back wasn't as expensive as we budgeted for. Of course, with a 40 gallon tank - I laugh! laugh! at all of you complaining that you're just starting to pay more than $100/tank - we can go each way on less than one tank. Cheap Oregon gas is tasty.

Signs that interested me on the drive:
"Thank you firefighters" (honestly touching) 
"[something] Antiques" with a sandwich board: "some used" (Ya think?*)
"Loleta Cheese" (I have to ask: who's milking the lolitas? Uh, yeah. My mother-in-law told us the cheese up here was good.) 

I had one good class and one that no one showed up for. Eh. C'est la guerre. 

Gianetta  found a picture of a period washstand in a new book. It looks a bit like a coatrack, and moriven and I are totally going to make it. I met a Caidan potter who is willing to make the jug and basin in exchange for persian clothes! 

I also consulted with ermine_rat about two (!) calligraphy projects. I am excited.

*Yes, I get it. Some of the furniture is not old enough to be antique. But the way people put together words interests and excites me.**
**Obviously. Else I wouldn't remember days later. Or post it in my blog.
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 The most recent Victoria's Secret catalogue has an outfit they're calling Candyland Lingerie. Hmmm... naming (supposedly) sexy knickers after a child's game... I wonder what the marketeers were thinking.


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