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I have needed to reduce the amount of crust I make for my cheesecakes, which means that experimentation is clearly in order. Tonight's batch was about 1/5-1/4 of my previous volume, but still too deep on the bottom. That's a shame, I shall have to make another.

While I was experimenting, I decided to go with a bit of lemon to see how that worked. I used just a bit - the zest of one lemon, with just a bit of juice - and the flavor was really delicate. I may go with more next time. The texture was spectacular - light, moist, airy.

Steingrim was over for fighter talk and I forced some on him. Purely in the name of science.
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So, to cap off my fun, I've agreed to cater lifeofglamour's Laureling vigil (hooray!) at Beltane. She has requested a 16th century spread and I need help.

I would love some recipe suggestions. If you would like to make something, I will gladly accept help and give bounteous appreciation. Also, if you all have a feel for how much food and drink to provide for a 4-6 hour Friday night spread, I'd love to talk numbers.

I'm hoping to set out a beautiful table and would love to borrow plates and bowls if any of you are willing to share.

If emailing me is easier, it's johannaludwiga@earthlink.net.

Many thanks!
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I had some extra cream on hand, so I decided to make an experimental cheesecake. (Like I need an excuse.)

This time I made a shortbread crust and infused the cream with double bergamot Earl Grey tea. The crust turned out well; it had a good buttery flavor and was firm enough to hold its shape but wasn't rock hard. The custard was citrusy and smooth.

I'd make it again. It needs a clever name like my other favorite recipes: Two Proposal Cheesecake (plain) and I Need a Moment to Myself Cheesecake (molten chocolate, served warm).
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"I Have Good News and Bad News"

"I made cheesecake"
"What's the bad news?"
"I made cheescake"

This was a good one - a marbled chocolate. I swirled in some vanilla cheesecake batter and then some extra melted chocolate. It had only cooled a short time from getting out of the oven, so the chocolate swirls were still gooey. Like lava cakes should be, but never really are.

[livejournal.com profile] falzalot was over in the afternoon and we chatted, had tea, and tested the cheesecakes (I made two big ones to share - one for [livejournal.com profile] moriven 's office buddies, and one for sewing - and a couple of minis because I could. We ate the minis.)  Warm cheesecake a few minutes out of the oven is... wow... a happy mouth experience.
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Thanks to everyone for the kind birthday wishes. I loved the singing and the flowers :) I had a fabulous day.

I spent a big part of it happily baking in the kitchen. (Yes, barefoot - Ha!) I was trying out two cakes I hadn't done before using new-to-me techniques. I was, overall, pretty pleased with the results. (Plus, giving myself an all-day sugar high was an exciting thing! *cue manic eyes*) I decided to do some rolled cakes because, well, I like the look of them. Beranbaum's The Cake Bible was astonishingly light on cake recipes. Fortunately my favorite cake book, Nick Malgiere's Perfect Cakes, came through with some great recipes.

Baking details )

Both cake rolls fit in my big tupperware, which in turn fit nicely in our new cooler with a 20lb bag of ice below and a 7lb bag on top. This solves a bit of my usual logistical problem of how to transport cakes, so I consider that a big win.

Overall, I had a sticky sweet fun time! Now I need to figure out what I want to do with the rest of the manufacturer's cream.  :-)
I sense another sugar high in my future!


Jun. 6th, 2007 03:57 pm
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Well, the experiments last night showed me that I can do what I had hoped to with sculpting frosting, but that it would take me way too long to get it ready for B&L's birthday cake. So, I have scrapped idea one, and am moving to idea two. [cue ominous music]

Sadly, this means that there is a sad little bowl full of frosting in my fridge, just aching to be et.

I shall have to pressure our other two ends-with-zeros birthday people to get me a theme soon. Otherwise, there's no telling what I'll do.  I haven't done any sugar glass since I did Paul's flaming cock cake. That might be fun.

Amusing thought:
Do not meddle in the affairs of cooks for your event is silly and goes with jello.
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There weren't a lot of people at sewing night, so I got a lot done. I'm nearly done with the German hat for the silent auction. The shot silk that

[profile] ysabella_dolfingave me for accents is super-sexy with the black velvet.

I also got a start on the new persian undershirt for myself, with [profile] moriven's help. I cut, pin, and iron, he runs the machine. We've gotten quite efficient at this. [profile] misagilliangot a little farther on her dress. I'm looking forward to seeing that finished soon, since it looks a lot like clothing now.

The peach pie I brought was yummy. The leftover strawberry pie was a hit, too. I was hoping for more people to help eat them. I was happy with the crumb upper crust on the peach pie, which came from a crumb cake recipe. For these, I tried out the TJ's pre-made pie crusts. I usually make my own, but I do like to have options. I would use these again, as they were not dry nor too thin - like many I've used - and so were easy to work with. 

Marguerite gave me a new cake recipe to try. It will be the first time I've tried meringue with the new mixer. I'm hoping it'll do well, since I love meringue and haven't been able to make it in ages.



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