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I have this simple Christmas gift project: take two large and one small ceramic chess pieces and spray paint them a color that is not lime green*.

Haha, I say! With primer and a top coat, this should just take a couple of days.

Ha, ha, indeed. The first round of primer didn't adhere. Despite the claims on the can, it flaked off on my fingers after twice the recommended drying time.

I sanded it off and smoothed the few bits that actually adhered. Have I mentioned I hate sanding? I hate sanding. So now the primer should really stick! Except this go 'round it's crackling where the old and new primer meet. Gah!

I was able to fake it on the tiny one and just sand down the crackles. It's now twice painted and topcoated.

Now it's time to pick up a new brand of spray primer, sand, and see whether the third time is the charm on the big ones. *grumble*

*Seriously? What designer said, "chess pieces? Hmm, yes... I see... green: celadon... no, lime!"
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 WTH is wrong with people? There has been a fatal shooting near a high school 2 miles away from my house. This is not okay!

Thanks for letting me know, falzalot. It is, as you say, too close to home.

And, because I know you all worry about my boss just as much as I do, the SoCal fires have passed him by, about 4 miles from his house. He says the air is thick with smoke and ash.


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