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Sunday morning my side of the family got together for brunch. Well, most of us. My 18yo cousin apparently had a "few" beers the night before and was very hung over. He and his older brother did not surface until much later in the day. 

A few folks headed out to the airport, and the rest of us settled into our suite for the family card game - we call it Hell. With my aunt's help, I got moriven up to speed (yes, I do mean speed) on the game. I have been the family champion since I was a teen, but haven't practiced in five years or so, since our last big get together. Apparently, I still have it. The games with my aunt were pretty civilized and let moriven get a real feel for the game, but once my cousin was up and about, the pace shot up.  moriven said it was like being a red belt with two dukes. Grawr. I am still the champion.

In the evening (yes, we played cards all afternoon!), my uncle took one cousin for the airport, but they got lost and my cousin missed his flight. They came back and we went to a nice brewry or dinner. We all came back to our room for more cards - Spades this time. Good fun.

Monday morning, moriven and I were up "early" at 9 am, aka our usual 6 am. We had packed leisurely and then went out to a nice breakfast and got on the road. Shortly after we got on the road for the 3 hour drive to the airport, my aunt called - they had just gotten up! LOL. They live in that time zone.

We drove the whole way to the airport listening to Blue Collar radio. We had a quick dinner and then an uneventful flight. I tried napping, which is not really something I do well while I'm driving (er, passenging?) or flying. I kept getting nudged.  It was the longest cross-country flight I've ever had. A shuttle home and we were done.
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Travel...was uneventful. Except for the guy who sat near us, whose cologne made moriven and I queasy. Since we took a redeye out, we were exhaused by the drive to the hotel. On the one hand, this was all the bride's home territory, on the other hand all of the out of town guests had to drive at least 3 hours from any airport to get to the hotel. 

The Genetti Hotel was built in the mid-1920s and apparently has not been given any insulation or updated much since then. Think decor in cream, burgundy, and pink. We had a lovely 2-room suite, but folks in the regular "rooms" barely had room to walk around their beds. There was a hint of old cigarette smoke and the whole place reminded me of some of the nicer places we stayed in whilst in Spain. I have to respect any hotel whose maidstaff takes the teddy bears from the couch and puts them on the freshly made bed. The showerhead was high enough for moriven to be comfortable (a rarity in hotels, I assure you) and the hot water was just this side of too hot. It was wonderful.

To be continued...


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