Jun. 5th, 2009 10:58 am
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Today is donut day. Hooray! Moriven's office has a weekly donut Friday, with people switching off responsibility for bringing in the donuts. Lots of folks like our local shop best (go Vasy's!), so they give him money to pick up their donut contribution. Since this means he has to take the truck, I extract a toll when he does it. Yum.

Last night I dreamed some really wacko dreams. [livejournal.com profile] goldenstag figured prominently in that he was trying to convince his employer to send me to Korea to start up an English-language school there. Then we settled into a theater and watched fanvids (thanks, [livejournal.com profile] falzalot ) as "education". The students were very disruptive and rude.

Last Friday I had a big "I miss people" episode, so I made [livejournal.com profile] moriven take me out to dinner. Apparently, I don't need to talk to lots of people, I just be around them to satisfy my need to see folks. It also got me out of bed early Saturday morning so we could go up to Duchesses' War. It was weid for the hubby to have me get up before him.

The week has been semi-productive. I got a little baby jacket done. It has a hood with ears, FTW! I've been stalling on getting some other outfits sewn together. They're cut out and moriven serged them. I need to just do it. Instead I've been working on some ribbon flowers for a whole 'nother project.

I went through the stash and pulled out a bunch of cabbage to toss and a bunch of fabric to sell. Hopefully, I'll get my act together to post it w/prices before next fighter practice. I also have some cotton knits to give [profile] layla_lilah whenever I see her next. All of this is feeding into the goal of getting stuff out of my sewing room. We're steam cleaning the carpets this weekend, so now would be a great time to chuck some stuff in the cleared space in the basement. Even better would be to clear enough stuff to be able to move the cabinets in my sewing room to the opposite wall, but that means emptying out the half-ton of books I have stored there. Bleh.

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We went to a jewish/irish/hawaiian wedding today. It was lovely and laid back and just what the bride wanted. Strickly speaking, it was what the groom wanted, too, since he got his three wishes included: There was MEAT at the reception, the bride wasn't pregnent, and he didn't get lifted in a chair. 

moriven was best man, and was more snappily dressed than all the bridesmaids (there was no uniform for them, though I understand they were threatened with butt bows), if I do say so myself. The flower girl was very cute; she very carefully pulled one petal at a time from her basket. 

The groom suffered through the pictures without flipping the camera off even once. I was pretty impressed. moriven has been working for years to get finger-free pics of Griff. I was thinking of this all through the cermony, because the ti-leaf lei that he was wearing had one leaf sticking up at the back of his neck just like a finger.

We got to visit with some folks that we haven't seen for a while, which was nice. I'm looking forward to seeing them at October Crown. We also got to hear embarrassing stories about the bride's cousin from an aunt and the father of the bride left us with the question "what happened in her high school gym class". All in all, it was a wedding.

[Pause for kitty time. Our neighbor's kitty has adopted me. I'll sit out on the from porch and she'll come sit in my lap and get rubbies. She has figured out how to open our screen door, but we discourage her from entering and put her out when she does. It's really unusual to find n outdoor kitty that's such a lovey baby.]

At the wedding, Slash asked me to make him a copy of his cotehardie pattern. (I do make them sometimes, really. But only if I HAVE to.) I'll have to see whether I can find it. While I'm at it, I owe an Oerthan lady my german bodice pattern.


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