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[livejournal.com profile] falzalot , I lurve you. Thanks for saving my bacon.

I just finished the next edition of the Tempus. Hooray!

There's poetry from [livejournal.com profile] ianhess , and songs from [livejournal.com profile] falzalot and [livejournal.com profile] catagon3 . You guys rock! I've said it before and I'll say it again: I know the best people :-)


May. 15th, 2008 08:55 pm
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 The next Tempus Nebulorum is coming out Saturday. I think it will be the first and only centerfold edition.
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 So I had this idea... but we're in the middle of the Spring Event Crush (tm) and everyone I know is busy. 

Shoot, I'm busy, too... roughly twelve weeks of events in a row. We're skipping Beltane to have a week off. Our other "free" weekend, we'll be attending a cousin's graduation. BTW, whoever thought to put a break between camping at June Crown and W-A War is brilliant. I <3 you.

So I'll just preserve my idea here to come back to later.

I would like to publish a satirical Mistern newsletter.* People are always mistaking the name of the real newsletter (the Tempus Nebulorum) as the Tempest, so I already have a title. I think I'd like to try a different format - maybe more broadside like: printed longways on an 11"x17" page, for instance - to give it a more period look. Then I'd have to find an artist whi could make a (faux) woodblock cartoon - with the little ribbons for "talking". I have yet to decide whether I want to go with several opinion/news articles or one with large type and big punctuation! that talks about the perils of "modern" society (Where has all the polyester gone? What was good enough for the kings of yore is good enough for me!), what the young people these days are getting into (Low profile thrusting tips? Ha! In my day we didn't have thrusting tips! We had marinated our rattan in used motor oil and we were grateful.) or a society page (Did you see the King of the South at Pennsic? That belt buckle was huge! Do you think he was trying to make up for having a small destrier? Remember, gents, it's not the size of the horse that's important; it's whether it gets you to Jerusalem.)

I'd love to change the format of the Tempus Nebulorum, too. I'd go with the broadside format here, too, but I am blessed to know many creative people who are willing to spare a moment for a poor Chronicler. I have been thinking of going to 11"x17", folded in half to make a booklet that's 8.5"x11". Do you think that would make people's heads spin 'round? (OMG! You can't do it that way!!!one!!eleven!!! We've always done it the other way! We fear change.)

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this and any ideas you might have for either publication, friends. Hugs and kisses from your local C-word**

* No worries, [personal profile] aastg, it would be on my pfennig.
** That's Chronicler, of course.
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I got the Tempus done this morning, while I was working at home.

Really - working at home! Three computers going: work laptop with the super slow network connection, the desktop with the Tempus, and my laptop for fun.

The last couple of nights were rough while I got everything together and one tiny nag to their highnesses. I would have been happy to publish Ysa's first response to the reminder email I sent to Themselves and all the officers ( the usual: let me know if you have words or are looking for a successor, etc): 

"We are definitely looking for successors at Coronet!"

Our Princess is a funny lady.

I got an actual submission of cover art this time! Yay Francisco! Everyone should complement him on his excellent portrait of his Highness.

I need to start thinking about other ways to get content. We're down to 8 scant pages. It's embarrassing. Anyone have any ideas? Here are a few of mine:
1) Nag the Bard for her work
2) Ask an expert column
3) Sponsor a contest at page school to do a drawing for the cover (other entries to be shown inside!)
4) Start a medieval recipe forum


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