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Jan. 22nd, 2012 10:09 pm
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My sewing machine went out today. It hasn't been serviced for a while, so I guess it's time for a sewing machine spa day. Still, I hope it's a little embarrassed that it failed on quilting cotton.

I've pulled out Moriven's brute of a machine, so I'm not totally without. Still, it's not the sleek, quiet hum that I'm used to.

Math Error

Apr. 10th, 2011 10:50 pm
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I'm working on the curtains for the library (still). I sewed the first panel together, put on all the finishing touches except the hem and then hung them up. They are *way* too long - even with the hem allowance. I looked at my math again.

Apparently, the first time I added 91" in length to 16" for hem top and bottom and came up with 117" instead of 107". Drat.

At least it was an error in excess. It would have really sucked if It were 10" the other way.



Aug. 28th, 2010 12:54 am
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...is what happens at 1 am when I have full-caf tea late in the evening.
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First, I decided that I needed a 16th C kirtle to wear at W-A War. I thought red would be a good choice, since I have the red ropa to the wearable, yet insufficiently-bling'd stage.

Second, I went through our linen closet (linen storage in my house is bins, but still...) and discovered that I have insufficient red linen. There's a sexy natural + russet herringbone and a light blue, but no red. Oh, Yeah, I have a wool to match the herringbone. And I have the light blue wool-cashmere coating and a light blue and yellow silk cross that I had planned to make a warm ropa out of but never decided on the design for.

Third, I went to the Tudor Tailor. Nuff said.

Now I want to make a light blue kirtle and the light blue ropa. But I still can't decide on the ropa styling. It'll have long sleeves. Puffy, long sleeves. Beyond that, I'd love suggestions. I'm up for fancy or sedate, puffed, slashed, or even pinked. What do you suggest?
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I just finished Clara's new dress.

I am a silly bear-mommy.
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I love making kids clothes. They're so little and sweet. I just got another pic of Niece2 in an "uncle dress". <grin>

Today, I finished a pair of overalls for Snoopy. They're green and have teddy bear buttons. Plus, I got to try snap tape for the first time ever. That's pretty cool stuff, though I was surprised that the twill tape base stretched so much while I was sewing it down. I'm glad I prewashed it.

Last week, I made the Burda coat pattern with the hood with ears and matching pants. The cute, it burns!

Next up: the lizzard onsie.


May. 6th, 2009 12:04 pm
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Our seneschal canceled our shire meeting, so we get to go up to Ysa's for practice tonight! Yeah!

The sleeves for the ropa are coming out pretty well. I'm pleased that this whole project is coming out of my stash. Who knew I had 20 yards of trim that matched a yellow taffeta that I have just enough of for accents? That's a win. I am, as I'm sure you've noticed, still not inspired to actually sew the dern thing.


Apr. 2nd, 2009 08:21 am
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I just got some stuff that I ordered from Raymond's Quiet Press at Estrella. Yay! Pretties!

I have a couple more enameled links for my plaque belt and a new buckle for a burgundian belt.
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I've been jonesing for new clothes, especially jeans. But, I'm unemployed, and, while I am getting Unemployment, it's not what we call generous compared to what I make when I'm working. Heh. Not by a long shot.

So, I have a different take with the Stash Challenge. I'm making new everyday clothes for myself out of fabric from my stash. Ordinarily, I find this to be a chore, but I'm really getting into it this time. I went out a couple of days ago and bought myself a couple of new Burda paterns (always 40% off at JoAnne's) and have since been modifying the patterns to suit my shape. I'm having a blast!

Big plug for Burda patterns: I love Burda because they are really accurate to their measurements AND they tell you what the measurements are that they base their pattern sizes on. For instance, in my size they base their sleeve patterns on a 13" bicep. I have a 17" bicep (and an aversion to store-bought plain woven shirts, since they never make them with sleeves large enough for my giant muscles *grr*). Since I know what they're basing their sizing on, I know to add at least 4" to the width of all their sleeves (sometimes more to keep the sleeve proportional to the rest of the garment). I love that.
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The person I was expencting to come sew tonight had to cancel (totally understandable, honey), so I'm looking at going upstairs and actually working on something for me with a lot of trepidation. How does one go about doing such a foreign thing?
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[livejournal.com profile] moriven and I went down to Tarnmist this weekend so I could teach my delayed hat workshop. We had a fabulous time. Achmere and Kathryn are excellent hosts :)

Saturday saw four folks up from the Isle, and a bunch of Tarnmisties. We started the day with Viking and Mongol hats, moved to Tres Riches Heures hats, hoods, then a flat cap and it's big brother the German pizza hat. We topped of the day with a 16th c. Spanish man's tall hat. I think we had 13 completed hats by the end of the day and another two still to be finished. Everyone who came went home with at least one completed hat. Some people had two!

Sunday I did some patterning for a few folks. I did a houppelande for Kathryn, a cotehardie and burgundian gown (hubba hubba!) for [livejournal.com profile] medeia , and a boy's cotehardie for [livejournal.com profile] razor_dancer . Mini-dancer is very into fashion, so we measured her, too, and suggested a few fancy, yet scalable dresses.

I would definitely do another workshop weekend*. I would recommend it to any artist, in fact. Everyone was very gracious, and grateful that I had come down. The people who used supplies - go faux fur and ostrich feathers! -  that I had brought paid me for them without having to be reminded. (I did request this in the pre-class email. I'm all about setting expectations.) I can't think of a better workshop I've had.

* Maybe houppelandes to go with the Tres Riches Heures hats?  )
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 Beware Japan! [profile] compassstarlady actually sewed tonight. I think the earth shook, so consider this a tsunami warning to all the folks on the other side of the pacific. 

I got a couple of things done, too, including repairing [profile] moriven's favor so he can officially start fighting florentine again. (It tore right around the time that I painted his round shield with the hunter-stag-bear motif. I've been counting that as his favor, but it's mighty hard to carry when he's using two swords.)
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I went to Vincent's house to help with whatever was needed. I ended up making him socks (well, hosen)! He bought a wool double knit and showed me the pic he wanted and away I went. The hosen pattern that I used went together very nicely (hooray for my mutant fitting powers!) and I handstiched the feet so they'd look nice. Not bad for a few hours work :-)
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This was my own personal arts and sciences weekend.  

Thursday I came home and got a wild hare up my keister, so I cut back some of the ivy that was growing through the fence into my patio. This caused the rest of the ivy to pull the fence over the other way. Apparently those bugs that we told the landlord about really were eating away the fence. I ended up cutting away a big chunk of ivy just so the whole fence would not go over. moriven came home just as I was hauling the larger chunk - maybe 6'x4'x3' - to the trash. The look on his face was priceless.

I got the next coat of paint on the side rails of the bed. I'm down to the detail work now. I had to go out to buy different paint yesterday because the latex house paint that I've been working with, while durable, dries too fast to do the blending and shading that I want. I think it will provide a nice undercoat, but the details are going to be done in acryllic. Then we're going to varnish the crap out of it. (Right, right, sure, I could do it in period paint... but I'm not really up for grinding my own pigments, thanks.) I finally decided on the design for when I paint the footboard, but I'm nowhere near starting that project. I want to finish the sides first. The headboard, well, we're still debating.

I also got a ton of necklaces made. And photographed! And posted on smugmug! Tusya, I'll have some of these for your next auction. I need to find a good time to give them to you. Some will go the the Esfenn raffle, too (more about that in a later post). 

Last night I finished another big piece in the massive embroidery undertaking. I am pleased.
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The appliance curse at this house continues. Yesterday morning, moriven found that our water heater was running water freely our the garage. Fortunately, we had already showered when he made this discovery.

So, we went about our business. I was very excited to be wearing my new two-day dress - I cut it out  and moriven serged it Tuesday evening and I sewed it together Thursday. I still need to tack down the lining at the arm scye and then I'll be good to go. I might also put in another hook and eye. Or not. 

The hennin I already had, of course, though this was a new veil. The heavy silk net was an excellent sail, and I think I can say with some certainty that there is a reason we only see pictures of women wearing them indoors. I have been experimenting with some new ways of anchoring them based on what I learned doing the hat for 12th Night. I was really pleased at how well the hennin stayed on after I pinned it the second time. Both my hennin and the one I loaned calistotoni had their tips go limp because the starch is a bit elderly by now. I've wondered why some pictures show very tall hennins - not the obviousy truncated ones - with a round or not quite pointed tip, so I'm thinking that now we know how that comes about.

It was mighty warm at the Collegium site, which otherwise was very nice. Once the sun went down the hall cooled appreciably, but we were all still baking off the extra heat. The lessons about sittting and serving before the feast were really neat. I felt badly that no one stuck around for the Q&A session, but we were just too darn hot.

I think we struggled most with not being allowed to rise if the Crown had not. The tiny 'stand-up' breaks that Her Majesty gave us were much appreciated. Being stuck in our seats was a bit boring until we learned how to make our own entertainment.

It also took us a while to work up to asking the server for drinks, though once we broke though our modern mentality on that one, we did much better. I know that I should have drunk up quite a bit before we were seated. Michael was an excellent server and was quite willing to help us with our sending drinks to others entertainment. Our first volley was a glass of "wine, slightly watered!" to calistotoni. That exchange devolved quickly from there and was capped by the infamous cheese snubbing, all in good fun.

Brian, of course, was an excellent carver (far better than that other fellow on the next table down. LOL). I expect that a really good carver in period could get up to Benihana-like skills.

The benches were not bad generally, though we were warned about them. I think a flatter, more cubical cushion would have been better (more like a sofa cushion with the built-up sides than a throw pillow). I had more trouble trying not sitting on my veil. Unfortunately, we didn't have both cotter pins on the back rest and the leather throng did not hold it on, so we couldn't lean back the whole time. Between that and wearing the hennin my upper back is a bit sore today.

The food at the feast was the same as we had at Mists Bardic. The fish was quite tasty and the grape stuffing was another favorite. I don't remember the feast being so meat heavy and vegetable light before.  I still love the plum goo. Mmm... plum goo.

After a long, hot day, I'd sure like a shower.

On a completely unrelated note, moriven just found a website selling "Men's Military Capris". Yes, that's cammo capri pants for men. snerk.
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Yesterday, we finally got the sofa put back together. Thank god that's over with. Today, with the help of moriven, I got my dressform through its final fitting and all put together (thanks also to g0atface who got the bugger started). Then I modified the pattern I'm going to use for the dress I'm making for my cousin's wedding (oooh, next choice: silkcrepe, georgette, or charmeuse?), so I just have to buy the fabric and I'm good to go.

Here's a bit of a review of the Uniquely You dressform.

cut! )

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Yesterday I worked a bit of OT. Then, I started on the couch project while moriven (how do I love thee?) cleaned the kitchen, even the walls, floor, and cabinets. Have I mentioned recently how lucky I am to have my hubby?

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g0atface and I got started on the fitting of our new dressform sheathes last night, so there was more nakedness and underwear than usual last night. 

The sheathes did come with instructions, but they are so arcane and I'm so opinionated confident, well, me that we decided to just go with my theory of fitting: start at the top and work down.

There was much hilarity with getting the bust to fit right. We had many mature conversations about pinching each others' nipples. (Tee hee hee hee! Neener, neener, caythen)

By the end of the night, the upper back, bust, and shoulders were fit. Next time we'll move on to releasing the seat and getting the waist to fit. 

Despite everyone's very constuctive suggestions about wearing the sheathes as original Star Trek outfits, both she and I demurred.

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Costumers all tend to have a specific era or genre that appeals to us aesthetically, which is fine, but sometimes we get too focused and fail to appreciate other eras or genres that might suit our body type, our facial features, or even just challenge us to think outside the box a little bit. So, I'm opening the floor for suggestions: Give me one costume you'd want me to wear, and why. Picture links appreciated. :)

And then spread this meme like SARS and I'll try to do the same for you!
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 It has been a very sociable few days. 

After starting on the Teresa phone tree Friday, I had folks over for dinner. It was simple: spaghetti, salad, and apple pie a la mode. Calling people with the news felt a little sureal, as I took a couple of days to accept it myself. Dinner was pleasant, but not the fun evening originally envisioned.

Saturday  [profile] moriven and I did a demo with Paul. Afterwards, Paul and [profile] compassstarlady came over for the afternoon to play cards and hang out. We had a reprise of Friday night's dinner (fortunately, spaghetti sauce just gets better).

Sunday we had a nice trip to the farmers' market before [profile] falzalot and I went up to [profile] ysabella_dolfin's house. Ysa draped falzalot for a german dress. Falzalot got a good deal done, with some coaching from  [profile] stella_nordicaand me. I got four pink! dresses done most of the way for my nieces. I just have the buttons to go!

Today, I worked from home, to wait for yet another oven repair guy. He has to replace the control board, which he won't have in stock for a week and a half. The drama continues. If I don't have an oven soon I might hurt something.

I also went to pick up our framed scrolls. They look so good. We put them up as soon as moriven got home.

We aren't going to the war this weekend, so we can go to the funeral instead. I'm pleased beyond measure that my darling suggested from the first that this was the right way to go. What a good husband I have :)  I'll definitely be bringing some flowers and I picked up some of the tiny paper umbrellas, too. It just seemed like the right thing to do. She'd hate for us to be completely glum.

Funeral info, so it doesn't get lost in the posts: http://klwilliams.livejournal.com/126020.html

I'm off to more sewing.


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