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It's the 10th anniversity of moriven and my first date :-) I'd ask you out all over again, honey! XOXO

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Happy International Polar Bear Day! It's a day to, uh, celebrate polar bears who travel internationally. I think. Maybe.

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Happy days

Dec. 30th, 2007 09:30 am
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I haven't posted for a while because I've been having too good a time to check LJ. Heh. Life: it's what happens when you aren't online.

I think this has been the best Christmas since I was, oh, in the single digits. It's not that I got a big haul of stuff, though I was certainly blessed by the generosity of others, but that I got to experience the things that make me happiest.

On the 22nd we introduce Marguerite and Brian to our new favorite local Japanese place, Oedo. The No-meister digs the chopsticks, so I helped Brian with feeding by holding an edamome bean just in Noah's line of site so he would open his mouth for the spoon of baby food. It was pretty funny. Then we went to Randy and Kim's open house. Wow. Lights.

The 23rd was all about the singing at Paul and Sue's. We had such a good time. It was wonderful to be surrounded by such talent and to see old friends. Paul's sister is also a teddy bear person, so she is clearly another right-thinking person. We wouldn't let her bring Bjorn home, but we did say he could viit some time. After singing for something like 6 hours straight, I was so hoarse the next day. It was so worth it.

Christmas Eve we had my grandparents over for lunch. I made 3 kinds of mini quiches, a salad, and roasted different kinds of potatoes, which I cut into shapes with cooky cutters. Everything was a big hit. Grandma dug the mushroom quiches and the yams. Grandpa loved the ham and jarlsberg quiches. When I offered them the leftovers, they jumped at them, which warmed the bottom of my cook's heart.

Later, we went over to moriven's dad's house and had a really nice time with them. They have really been making an effort since their screw up earlier in the year. moriven's half-brother seems to be coming more to life since he moved out of the house. I can hold an almost-conversation with him unless his mother is around. He really shuts down around her.

Christmas Day we opened our presents at home and relaxed during the day. moriven gave me some beautiful topaz earrings that match a ring that I inherited from my grandmother. He's such a good honey. My MIL gave us some of the softest flannel sheets I have ever felt. They have polar bears on them. :)

misagillian made a lovely Christmas dinner for us. It was good to finally meet her parents. I gave them a couple of cakes that I made. Is it wrong of me to give tham a sense of obligation this way? Nah.

I baked a birthday cake for callistotoni, which we had later in the evening. This year it was decorated as a teddy bear tea. I sculpted the tea fixings out of fondant, and they came out well. The tea was chocolate chips and the tiny sandwiches were slivered almonds and other nuts. The bears, well, let's just say that meringue is not my favorite sculpting medium. The first comment was "are those hippos?" Sigh.

I wish that we had been able to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousins this year, but with the leak in the garage, me working Th & Fr, and our other plans, we couldn't.

Since then, it has been all sewing and cleaning up the garage. moriven took the extra days off to get the whole eleven day vacation, so he has been doing a lot of work to get the garage to look less like a disaster area. He built another big storage shed, took several boxes of books to Half Price Books, and got all of our camping stuff in one place up off the floor (did I mention that water flows under the door when it rains or the automatic sprinklers come on?). Next comes the big purges: household goods, ancient electronics, and fabric. This will take more time.


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