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Just before Father's Day, the cousins and I gathered as a mini-reunion around here. We had such a good time with my cousin and her kids who are almost the same age as mine. We brought them to June Crown, went to the redwoods, visited the USS Hornet. We also visited Grandma, who didn't know any of us, but seemed pleased to have us around.

Not long before our visit, the attentive people at Grandma's nursing home noticed a growth. She has since been taken to doctors who have confirmed that it is, indeed, a return of her cancer. She can't handle surgery and radiation was a bad idea the first time through. This means she's officially on hospice and can get the Good Drugs(tm).

Everyone in the family has attempted solemnity, but I think we're all celebrating on the inside. Dad and Grandpa are being super solicitous in delivering the news, and I'm thinking, 'Don't worry about me. I already lost my mom to cancer. How the hell are you guys?'

It has taken a long-ass time to get to this point. Still no idea of prognosis. It's visible on the outside, so obviously it's growing on a non-essential system for now. (Or it's wider spread and we don't know? I doubt they tested it.) I hope it goes quickly at this point.

Anyway, a big recommendation for Moraga Retreat. Great staff, nice property, only 4-6 residents.

EDIT: I talked to Grandpa today. They didn't test for the spread of cancer, because there's no point if they aren't going for treatment.

Cool fact: Medicare will cover hospice treatment for cancer that can't be treated, even if there is not a six-months-or-less prognosis. So, Grandma gets to stay where she is for now, she gets regular visiting nurses and a house calls from a doctor as needed.
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We've been having grand adventures as well as misery.

A week ago Thursday I went to see The Grand Duke with some friends. It was a grand time. The only thing I didn't enjoy was not leaving enough time between dinner and the show. The first act, though enjoyable, did not get my full attention. After potty break intermission, I enjoyed myself immensely. It was so damn funny.

The boys had their first overnight at a friends' house Sunday while moriven and I went to Mayhem Festival* with Cathyn and Steingrim. This was awesome.** Hearing that Ursus Major had sweat through his clothes in the night was less than awesome. He had no further symptoms, so we proceeded with our week.

My brother-in-law's family was in town, so we finally nailed them down for a time to visit on Monday via text while we were at the concert. It was a nice mellow afternoon. Shortly after the family left, probably around 5:30, both of our boys put themselves to bed. Ursus Minor woke up every 45 minutes or so sobbing and would only be soothed by me. Poor cub. I failed to call folks to say I wasn't going to make it to sewing as expected, though, because I suck sometimes. I had the thought, but it slipped away before it became action.

Tuesday, the boys were just fine. Of course. I was feeling a touch off, but with moriven home for the week I got to sleep in a bit. We had a great dinner with my inlaws at my FiL's house. It was a great mellow evening. The kids had a great time with their cousins.

Wednesday, moriven took my truck in to have my tranny backflushed. I understand the mechanic did it twice. Heh. I just had to say that. The truck is running much smoother now.

Thursday we spent the afternoon in rachaelfleury's pool. (There was other stuff going on, too, I hear. :-) )  It was seriously awesome. The boys had never been swimming in a pool before and they LOVED it. I think I was in the pool for four hours with them, aside from a snack break. Ursus Major paddled all over the pool in his floaty. It was amazing. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed swimming, too. I was a grand time.

Friday, we took the boys for an overnight at my FiL's house. I was feeling a bit of congestion, so I didn't get as much done as I had hoped through the afternoon. We got the call at ~8:30  that Ursus Major had a 101+ fever and wanted to come home. We asked them to keep the boys up and dutifully made the drive back to Berkeley. When we got there, we found that Ursus Minor had put himself to bed. (Wow! He doesn't do that at home.) We took him home anyway so we wouldn't have to make another trip back again today.

This morning, Ursus Major is just fine. No fever, no pain. What is going on with him? I, on the other hand, have sinus pressure so bad it's making my teeth hurt. But just on the right side. I was really hoping to get lots done this weekend, but am just not feeling well enough to get to it. It's so frustrating.

* When I got my credit card bill I had a huge charge for Rockstar Energy Drink and I was pissed because I thought someone had stolen my CC info. (and bought $$$ of Rockstar? WTF?) Then I remembered that they were the concert sponsor. Word to the wise, ticket sellers: the credit statement should say concert tickets.
** Man, there were a lot of smokers in the arena, though. They looked shocked when I told them to put it out. Do they think nonsmokers  suddenly become smokers in the presence of nasty dank?
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I have a sore throat. I do not approve.

It's chicken soup time.
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Last night, moriven hummed a couple of lines of Immigrant Song (guess what's stuck in his head), and that was all it took to mesh with - no, not replace - Christmas in Killarney in my head. Now I have BOTH stuck in my head. You'd be surprised how well it works.

"We come from the land of ice and snow
To Christms in Killarney,
With all o' the folks from home..."

The headache is better, but not gone. Thanks for the kind wishes.
&*^%^ being affected by extreme changes in barometric pressure.


Jan. 24th, 2009 02:21 pm
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I have a throbbing headache. The drugs aren't helping. And, to make this more surreal, I have "Christmas in Killarney" stuck in my head (with all o' the folks from home).

I'm bummed, but it's looking likely that I'll miss Crosston Ball. Apologies to the folks who were expecting me.

Teh Dumb

Jan. 10th, 2009 04:00 pm
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Not my brightest moment... )

I did read Emma Bull's Territory this week: Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp, and a little magic. It was really well done. She does an excellent job of letting the reader feel the main character's disbelief of magic and his slow process of coming to grips with it.

I've also been reading a lot of Dashiel Hammett (Thin Man, Maltese Falcon - yes, these were books before they were movies). Mostly his Continental Op books. Hammett is the granddaddy of the hardboiled detective novel and he is good.
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I had a great time Wednesday night up at Ysa's and then was laid out Thursday and Friday with a fever and sore throat. I'm feeling somewhat better, but where'd that come from?
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I've been checking my health recently. I saw Paul on Tuesday for an Egoscue evaluation and I had both a dentist and optometrist appointment today.

The Good News:
No cavities!
My contact lens prescription has improved!
There are exercises to help me!

The Bad News:
The dentist has no idea why I woke up in excruciating dental pain on Monday night.
The optometrist was right - I shouldn't try to read with my eyes dialated. The double dose of dialator juice in the right eye is exciting.
Paul says my pain/posture is just like his when he was younger. It's a good thing I'm starting excercises now, 'cuz look where that got him.
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I have a... stomach complaint. 'Nuf said.

I slept about 14 hours last night. I'd think that would be enough to cure what ails me. Feh.

About Time

Jul. 23rd, 2008 06:15 pm
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Today I finally woke up feeling better. The cough lingers, but life looks a whole lot nicer. I'm looking forward to some socializing over the weekend.

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My week can be summed up in two words: lung butter.

Needless to say, being sick F's up any hope of going down to Tarnmist, because, while I will share the crud with the coworkers, I will not share it with friends. I'm really peeved, since I was super excited about going down, too. Hopefully, we can all find another time for me to go down and play hats.


May. 28th, 2008 10:03 am
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Over the weekend, I picked up this scratchy throat which I attributed to going from the smoke from the SantaCruz fire to an only nominally smoke-free hotel room. However, I had a decent fever yesterday, so I'm thinking that it is not just a smoke reaction.


I was really looking forward to going up to B&Y's tonight.


At least I have been able to work from home. Telecommuting is the best computer innovation ever. [profile] morivenhas liked getting to drive to work, too. 

I think BART is really missing the ball right now. They had a really bad (and mostly unpublicized) fire in their contol tower on the Fremont line, which means that they've doubled the commute time right when people are feeling the pinch of gas prices. They are really losing a lot of customers right when folks are most likely to want to give them a try. That is, as they say, bad for business.

Also bad for business is the train operators' lack of customer service skills. To wit, if they are at a transfer station - Bayfair, for instance, it behooves them to stay at the platform so that customers from the other train can make the transfer to their train. Pulling away whilst people are crossing between trains is a crappy thing to do.

And, after all that, it is still cheaper for moriven to drive to work in the truck than it is to take BART.
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The temporary came out today.  That was more than a teacup of suck, but less than a bucket. The dentist was able to see me in within two hours and they put in a new one. The permanent one goes in Friday. I will be so glad when this is done.
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Life has been going in all directions lately.

Sunday I had a lovely lunch with my friend Melissa. Curried chicken salad - yum. Then we picked new paint colors for her living room and bedroom. She and her hubby are willing to be bold, which is neat. She gave me a couple of new books which I am quite excited about - especially the one about the rise of universities.

Then I came home and barbecued meat for the Raven Company practice. Mmm... meat. Sophie the Neighbor Cat thorougly approved of barbecuing. As a bonus, there was enough left over food for sewing night Monday.

Monday night at sewing, I delivered seven of the nine napkins I was given last week to [personal profile] ppfuffor the PPF. In return, she gave me more blanks to hem. My wrist was bothering me Sunday night, but that may just be because I hand-hemmed seven napkins in two days. Or, because they don't believe in ergonomics at work. Or, becuase I have an old Aikido injury there and it's flaring up.

Also at sewing night, I also coached Martin in fixing his surcote, cut out the pieces for a new persian coat, and helped Marguerite pattern her new burgundian for the PPF. It was a good night. Oh, [personal profile] evil_macaroni, those cupcakes are crack.

Today has been defined by a very persistent headache, which is probably brought on by whatever has been causing twinges in my neck this past week and too much tiredness. (What's with the neck pain? and the other aches and pains? Where did that come from?) The dentist tried to put in my new onlay, but didn't like the fit again. She yelled at the lab about it, while simultaneously giving me excellent customer service (fancy that - a medical professional who realizes that patients are customers). 

I should be working on the Tempus Nebulorum tonight, but I'm going to bed early instead. That's a day of grace for those of you who haven't gotten me your stuff (polite cough).
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So I get home and moriven says to me "Aww, we're getting crowns together...just not the right kind."
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 There are those of you who can crash on the couch for 10-15 minutes and wake up refreshed. 

Then, there are folks like me, who can be guaranteed 4 hours minimm of sleep if I nap. It's so inconvenient and probably unhealthy. When I'm really tired I usually find myself fighting to stay awake until bed time, since there is no getting a short rest. 

Falling asleep with contacts causes some major suckage down the line.
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Let me count the ways.

I had dental work done yesterday. The new dentist is much better than the old one, but her office staff is really freakin' incompetent. Nice, but incompetent. Like "Oh, your appointment was at 3:00." "No, my appointment is at 3:30, like it says on my little card. See?" and "Oh, the quotes I gave you for today's procedure were wrong. That's the coverage for base metal, not porcelain." Still, they greet me by name and remember who I am.

Today, IT "support" uninstalled Office 2007 from my work computer, which would have been a good thing, except they failed to reinstall Office 2003. This leaves me with no MS office software at all. Of course, email and calls were ignored all afternoon. This from the same stellar person who closed the last fixit ticket about this because it had been in their queue too long.

Saturday, I'm on call for work and I have a GYN appointment. 

I sure know how to have a good time.
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I walked into my office today and got stung on the hand by a wasp that had caught a ride in my hair. Wow that hurt.

The security guy in our building called the EMT that my company has on staff. (Hooray for the company deciding to have a 90 second emergency response). He was very nice and gave me ice packs. He interviewed me for a while so we could see whether I was allergic, since I've never been stung by a wasp before. It turns out I'm not.

The only fun part was his look of awe when he took my pulse and BP.  Pulse: 68   BP:116/78

I now return myself to my regularly scheduled work day.


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