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So, to cap off my fun, I've agreed to cater lifeofglamour's Laureling vigil (hooray!) at Beltane. She has requested a 16th century spread and I need help.

I would love some recipe suggestions. If you would like to make something, I will gladly accept help and give bounteous appreciation. Also, if you all have a feel for how much food and drink to provide for a 4-6 hour Friday night spread, I'd love to talk numbers.

I'm hoping to set out a beautiful table and would love to borrow plates and bowls if any of you are willing to share.

If emailing me is easier, it's johannaludwiga@earthlink.net.

Many thanks!
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Here's that recipe from my CSA box for fennel-carrot slaw, with my mods

1 fennel bulb  
5 carrots (nantes carrots in our CSA box)
1/4 c spanish olives
1 Tbsp lemon juice
1 Tbsp balsalmic vinegar
3 Tbsp olive oil
pinch chili powder
6 sun-dried tomatoes in oil
3 Tbsp fennel fronds, chopped

Chop the fennel bulb into matchsticks. Toss with the vinegar. Julienne or grate the carrots, chop the olives, and add them to the fennel. Toss with the lemon juice, olive oil, and chili powder. Chop the tomatoes and spread them on top. Sprinkle the fennel fronds on top. Chill, covered, for a half hour for the flavors to develop.
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I am on a quest to rid my life of corn syrup in all of the places that it just doesn't belong. Like spaghetti sauce, salad dressing, or ice cream.  I've gotten to the point that I can taste it in things and it really turns me off.

Anyhoo, I was at my friendly local grocery store and was looking through the cinnamon raison breads and english muffins and the only brand that did not have high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, or corn syrup solids (whatever those are) was Oroweat. So, go team Oroweat! Keep fighting the good fight.

Oh, and joycebre, after talking to you yesterday, I had to make some mini apple cakes in my little bundt pans.
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Vegas was awesome! We saw a couple of great shows, but this trip was really all about the food. Oh! the food!

We stayed in a suite at the Monte Carlo. It was really nice. I've never stayed in a hotel room with one and a half baths before. There were a few quirks to the room, though - the sink got hot water straight away, but the shower took forever to warm up, for instance.

Sunday night we went to B&B at the Venetiian. It's Mario Batale's restaurant. It was soooo good. The citrus sampler dessert was sublime. I had Grand Marnier 150 with it. My sinuses still tingle with orange fire.

We saw Wayne Brady after dinner. He was funny, but his show focused more on music than comedy. Still, he does an excellent Tina Turner impression. His dancers were spectacular.

Monday night we had dinner at the Nob Hill Tavern at the MGM Grand. Again, excellent food. The signature drink at the Nob Hill is made in a martini glass with a sugar rim that's been candied using a torch. After the glazing, it's dipped in cinnamon. yum. They must be a bitch to clean because the sugar lasted through the whole drink.

We saw the early show of the Folies Bergiere. It's been running for 50 years straight. I'd have thought they'd be better. For a show that bills itself as "sexier than ever", I don't think an all-male, fully clothed dance number was the way to start. The performers were skilled, but failed at sexy for the most part.

After that we saw the Cirque show Zumanity. It was spectacular: circus acts with kissing and toplessness. What's not to love? The clowns were spectacular. They did a great job warming up the audience before the show (we got singled out to kiss - Aw). "Oh, she is shy... let us give her the clap."

Tuesday was spa day in the morning - yay! My massage was not spectcular, but the hot tub was divine. That night we went to the Luxor steakhouse, Tender. The charcuterie plate was wonderful and subtle: the duck ham was firm and not too salty; the elk jerky, not too peppery... ah. Filet Mignon...mmm... After we saw the Cirque/Criss Angel show Believe. The magic was good. The cirque performers were excellent - tap dancing white rabbit head FTW! Unfortunately, the show was hapered by Criss. He broke the illusion by talking about his show too often. 


May. 23rd, 2008 09:29 pm
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We started getting CSA boxes a few weeks ago. New veggies are good. We've never cooked rhubarb before. This will be fun. Well, different, at least. We still need to tell them no cilantro, since I'm allergic.* It's not a deadly allergy, but it sure doesn't make me feel good, either.

My 'mater plant is already coming out with ripe fruit. How cool is that? Kitty incubation is the way to go.

* Reason 17 why I don't like most mexican food and have trouble with a lot of south asian foods.
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With enough paprika, butternut squash risotto looks like cheesy rice.

That is all.
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We had another deep cleaning weekend. We moved all of the furniture in the bedroom and vacuumed and dusted everywhere. Especially the places that hadn't been cleaned in mumble years. Then we did a bunch of maintenancy things: rotated the matress, hung a lamp, and so on.

I polished some small scratches out of my dresser which propmted my darling husband to say, "We should set aside some time to polish all the furniture." That is so sexy. Seriously, guys, if you want your gal to get all hot and bothered, tell her you want to set aside time to help her do a major cleaning task. That's like chocolate or rhino horn or tiger penis squared.

Then we went shopping, where we learnt a few things. The Fremont BevMo has the 16 y.o. Lagavulin (that's scotch) that moriven has been looking for. They even set it aside for us when we called. Having the manager walk it over and ask "are you the 16 year old" was pretty funny. I restrained my wit. The Fremont Rasputin smells exacly like the Berkeley Rasputin, but of our several used disk purchases, most don't even look like they've been played. Smart and Final has manufaturing cream, so now I can cook with cream that doesn't have crap in it. Check your grocer's whipping cream. It's not just cream. No, not even the organic stuff. Trust me.


Oct. 20th, 2007 11:09 pm
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We went out to a belated anniversary dinner last night. We tried a new place, Oeda, and it was really good. Nice, fresh japanese food and attentive staff.

Earlier this week we got the big new flat screet TV mounted on the wall. We? Heh. moriven did the work. 

Today we moved all of the furniture out of the living room and moriven steam cleaned the carpet. Hurrah, it's beige! (I don't think I'll ever say that again.) 

In the mean time, I went up to StonedMountain to help Allen pick out the fabric for his new Germans (Maxmillian's outfit from Durer's Triumphal Arch). We found a yummy green wool flannel. I'm really happy with the jewel-toned wool flannels they have right now, but I completely forgot to bring my 20% off coupon. I did find some half-off linen I liked, though, and a bit of wool that I needed for the great tunic embroidery project. 

Then I went to Lacis, just because. I ended up buying 1000 Hats. It has great color pics, but nothing earlier than the 19th century. I also got a bunch of colored ostrich plumes, just because I liked the colors. Well, and two bucks a pop is a good price.

I came home just as moriven was finishing the carpet.  We reassembled the living room and rearranged the furniture again. There's a lot more room now. I'm so happy.

It feels so good to have a clean living room, we had to go out to dinner to celebrate. Yay!
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Yesterday I went to our lovely farmer's market and then spent the afternoon processing what I bought into work-sized portions and cleaning the kitchen. 

I have determined that I need slippers for the kitchen. With big thick squishy soles and lots of support. Barefoot in the kitchen just doesn't work for me for very long.
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I love reading articles about the benefits of foods I really like. Like dark chocolate. And tea.

Do Re Mi )


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