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I had a great time with my cousin today. I met her at her grandma's house in San Leandro and gave grandma a bunch of quilting fabric from my grandma's stash. Cuz and I went to the city and explored Union Square. The kitties at Macy's are my favorite this time of year. We had lunch in the atrium at the Palace Hotel - yum! We met [livejournal.com profile] moriven at home and we all went out to dinner at Massimo's here in Fremont. Good times!

Unfortunately, when she and I got back to the SL BART station my truck had been broken into. The window was smashed and the stereo and the bezel (that plastic part of the dash that the stereo sits in) were stolen. The rat bastard. Somewhat fortunately, a BART police officer noticed and left his card with the report number on my seat. So, tomorrow I get to deal with my insurance agent. :p

Also, apparently the sewage pipe that has leaked sporadically the past three winters in our garage has finally broken its fitting, so our landlord should be coming over tomorrow to fix that. (We had long learned not to leave anything we liked in that corner of the garage, so no losses there.) Tomorrow is not shaping up into the finish-shopping day that I had intended.
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Poppy Fabrics will be open through September and then gone. I think a field trip is called for.

Anyone want to go to Poppy to snag some deals before they close?  Would tomorrow work for folks, or would the 18th be better? I'm hoping to get in a trip to Lacis, too, maybe Stoned Mountain if Lacis doesn't have the twill tape I need.

I'm really sad Poppy is going. Without

[profile] semy_of_pearls' and my influence, I'm not nearly as happy with Stoned Mountain's selection.

Just because I like to make certain of my facts, here's a link to the ad/notification on SFGate:



Jun. 8th, 2007 11:06 am
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I did a quick run through Tahi SIlks yesterday to see if they had what the fabric for the project that is percolating in my head. They didn't. In fact, they didn't have a lot of stuff. So, if you're planning on going to TS any time soon, here's what they are and aren't stocked up on.

solid-color organzas
Raw Silk (noil)
all that printed stuff

taffetas, esp. the wide ones
embroidered organzas
dupionni in dark/jewel tones besides PINK and ORANGE
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I had a lovely email from the Oerthan lady that I loaned my Germans to at Beltane. She asked whether I had a pattern for them. I  don't. (Yes, yes, I know, but I just don't need them and when do I make a dress more than once? OK, the cotehardie, but I did break down and make a pattern for that.) But I'm so flattered, I might just have to make one up to send to her. 

Allen came over last night to figure out what he wanted for the German I'm making him. Turns out, after looking through all sorts of books, he likes the Maxmillian on Durer's Triumpal Arch style that I made for moriven a few years ago. Sweet. Those're easy. I sent him off with some suggestions for fabric and yardage. I'm hoping that he doesn't hurry back with anything. I originally agreed to do the outfit for him two years ago, when I had a bit more free time. He has just gotten active again, but I have gotten more so.

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I really don't think I was taught everything I need to know to get along in life.

I have decided that the dye vat of vexation will have to be more extensively modified than I had hoped. This will require the assistance of someone who can weld. I had tried to get Geoffrey Scott interested, to no avail. Sigh.

See, the vat is an industrial salad spinner. It's a 50 gallon stainless steel drum on legs with a drain out the bottom. It has a motor mounted to the bottom that spins a plastic basket (1/4" thick plastic with holes throughout). The problem is that it leaks. A lot.

So, it needs a few items to make it work better:
1) Add a gasket on the lid. (Yes, it was very exciting to find this out.)
2) The motor needs to be removed from the bottom, and the hole welded closed (I could rivet a plate in and caulk around it, but with a welded piece it would definitely not leak and the temperature tollerances woud be higher.)
3) The motor should be remounted on the lid, with some paddles or something inside to stir. Possibly the power of the motor should be turned down, too.
4) The drain spigot should be changed to metal, so that if we wanted to, we could dye enough fabric - over heat - to make a dress.

I can sweat solder, patch drywall, roof, sew, garden, house paint, cook... why did my parents leave welding out of my education?
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The weekend was very productive. We got a lot of projects done and did some heavy duty cleaning, including emptying the fridge and scrubbing everything down.

We did the first major grocery run since the feast in Feb. Wow! We were even out of staples like flour.

My dye-dye-dye project yielded mixed results. The golden silk was lovely. The blue linen re-dye was okay, but didn't filll in the blotchiness of the first dye job (many years ago). I many have to do a lot of piecing if I want to use it :( A beige linen that I did with the blue batch 1) is not real linen and 2) turned out a serviceable gray. The yummy silk herringbone and a wool coating that I tried to dye Fire Red turned out hot pink. Grrr.  I tried overdying with chocolate brown to no effect. Sigh. I'll have to fix my dye vat now so that I can redye.

The new washer and drier came and they are faboolus! So quiet! Our clothes are so much cleaner! And, yes, I admit, moriven and I did watch the first wash cycle the whole way through. <3

I did get some sewing done, wich hopefully will result in garments tonight. I did decide to whip together some child-size tunics for the Esfenn silent auction at June Crown out of some scrap linen. I love the tiny clothes.

Brian and Marguerite came over for dinner Sunday. We determined that Noah, in mastering the D sound, is not trying to say "Da da da," but rather "die, die, die". It was so cute seeing his daddy coaching him to say "die, die, die" LOL

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I got the call - the new W&D will be delivered tomorrow morning! Hooray! JIT to do two weeks worth of laundry. My weekend'll be barrels full of monkey fun.

Anyhoo, that means tonight is dye-dye-dye night, while I still have the old washer.

I did a load of Procyon Golden Yellow last night on some light pink silk Cin provided. The color is excellent - probably close to her wedding color - not too lemony. The fabric was definitely old & delicate - some tore. But considering it's old curtains, not too bad. I have it chilling in the downstairs fridge until we get the new dryer.

I washed up the silk herringbone I bought Wednesday. It is super soft now. I may cut it into two pieces because I can't decide what color to dye it. I have a blue load that I know I'm going to run, and I'm tempted by the chocolate brown and the bright red.

Also on the fun-list,

[profile] morivenis making a new shield, so we're making new camping boxes out of the excess wood. Cool stuff and I get to keep an eye on the washer while I'm at it!

Dye! Dye! Dye!


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I went to Thai Silks at lunch to see whether they had the taffeta they were out of last time and to see whether they had the dupioni that [profile] shutt3rg33k needs.

I won on the taffeta, and found another that might do as well, but they have changed their lavender dupioni to a new, bluer shade. Boo. They do have the perfect shade in charmeuse, but with the rest of the accents in dupioni that just won't do. We will have to sneak some from her skirt to make our fix. It means that the fabric will be an exact match, but we'll have to muck with the underskirt, which wasn't in the plan. Oh well.

The real winner was finding undyed silk herringbone marked half off. Yes, I got all of it. I'm thinking that since we're getting a new washer on Saturday, a couple of dye jobs in the old one won't hurt. We aren't using it for laundry since we don't have a dryer. Lemons ==> lemonade.
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So we had quite a crowd at TS today: falzalot, kaar_insurance, finickynarcane, and as we were wrapping up cin appeared! It was a good time.

Sadly, they seem to be low on a lot of things. They were out of my beloved 22H in 45", but now have it in 54" so falzalot was able to pick some up for more G&C's new German shirts. No silk-cotton batiste for semy. I was disappointed in their taffeta and douppioni color selection, which did not stop me from getting some. I found a blue-cream cross that looks lovely with the light blue wool-cashmere coating I picked up a few months back. And an olive-leaning green that will look smashing on moriven as a persian coat. And some other stuff.

I was also pleased to have help in talking falzalot into getting the dragonfly brocade for a coat for herself. yay heraldry!


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