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So, to cap off my fun, I've agreed to cater lifeofglamour's Laureling vigil (hooray!) at Beltane. She has requested a 16th century spread and I need help.

I would love some recipe suggestions. If you would like to make something, I will gladly accept help and give bounteous appreciation. Also, if you all have a feel for how much food and drink to provide for a 4-6 hour Friday night spread, I'd love to talk numbers.

I'm hoping to set out a beautiful table and would love to borrow plates and bowls if any of you are willing to share.

If emailing me is easier, it's johannaludwiga@earthlink.net.

Many thanks!
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I had a mostly from the garden meal tonight that I'm pretty proud of. Roasted chicken (carbon-based, etc.) with home-grown garlic and purple sage under the skin, then stuffed with sage, garlic, garden onions, and bread cubes. Baked with potatoes (TJ's), onions, carrots, and many tiny zucchini. I followed this with a nectarine crisp with the first fruits off my tree. Num!
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Tonight was garden pasta - roma and yellow tomatoes, zucchini, beans, oregano, rosemary, and basil from the garden, sauteed with olive oil and purchased onions, then tossed over angel hair pasta with parmesan. Good stuff.  I added the beans last and their barely-cooked flavor made the dish zing for me.

I also took the other ~50 romas (we only have one bush, yo!) and made them into a sauce for tomorrow. I've never made spaghetti sauce from scratch. It wasn't as much work as I was led to believe, but enough work that I wouldn't want to do it all the time. There's another big crop of tomatoes coming, so I'll get to do it again soon. :)

On a related note, I want antifatigue mats in the kitchen. These are the prettiest I've found so far.


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