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Just before Father's Day, the cousins and I gathered as a mini-reunion around here. We had such a good time with my cousin and her kids who are almost the same age as mine. We brought them to June Crown, went to the redwoods, visited the USS Hornet. We also visited Grandma, who didn't know any of us, but seemed pleased to have us around.

Not long before our visit, the attentive people at Grandma's nursing home noticed a growth. She has since been taken to doctors who have confirmed that it is, indeed, a return of her cancer. She can't handle surgery and radiation was a bad idea the first time through. This means she's officially on hospice and can get the Good Drugs(tm).

Everyone in the family has attempted solemnity, but I think we're all celebrating on the inside. Dad and Grandpa are being super solicitous in delivering the news, and I'm thinking, 'Don't worry about me. I already lost my mom to cancer. How the hell are you guys?'

It has taken a long-ass time to get to this point. Still no idea of prognosis. It's visible on the outside, so obviously it's growing on a non-essential system for now. (Or it's wider spread and we don't know? I doubt they tested it.) I hope it goes quickly at this point.

Anyway, a big recommendation for Moraga Retreat. Great staff, nice property, only 4-6 residents.

EDIT: I talked to Grandpa today. They didn't test for the spread of cancer, because there's no point if they aren't going for treatment.

Cool fact: Medicare will cover hospice treatment for cancer that can't be treated, even if there is not a six-months-or-less prognosis. So, Grandma gets to stay where she is for now, she gets regular visiting nurses and a house calls from a doctor as needed.
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